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Taksım buıldıng 2

Taksim Building 2 Front View
Erasmus People in Erasmus Building
Taksim Building 2 Garden
Erasmus People in İstanbul
Roncalli Building Gardeng
Erasmus People Happy
Roncalli Building Roof
Papa roncalli building
Roncalli Building Inside
Roncalli Building Last Floor Kitchen
Kitchen Roncalli Building
Roncalli Kitchen 2th Floor
4th Floor Shower
1sth Floor
2nd Floor
1St Floor
4th Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor Roncalli Building
1st Floor Living Room
Your Buıldıng
  • It is a building with four floors which has 26 ROOMS, 4 KITCHENS, 5 BATHROOMS, 1 TERRACE, 1 LIVINGROOM AND A GARDEN.

  • High speed internet connection (wireless)

  • 24/7  hot water available

  • 5 fridges, 2 washing machine, 3 dishwashers, 4 microwave, 1 oven, 4 kettles, 2  vacum cleaners, 4 kitchens , all fundamentals etc. 

  • The building has totaly 550 square meters.

  • The flat has everything you would possibly need. Bring your luggage and settle in!

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