Terms & Conditions

    Booking process

     Kindly follow the steps to book and confirm your room:

    a. Go to “Contact us” page, and kindly, provide us with the following information.

    b. Write a description about yourself including: name, occupation, education, nationality, age and hobbies etc.

    c. We will contact you back via Facebook or email to send you a confirmation if the room is available,                     and the details of the room.

    d. After getting your confirmation, kindly provide us with your passport copy, and the copy of the receipt showing the payment of the deposit. (The amount of deposit is  50% of the monthly rent.)

    *Note: You will pay the first month’s rent upon your arrival and signing the rental agreement.

    e. We will contact you after receiving the deposit via Facebook or Email to inform you that the room is being held until your arrival.

    *Note: Your rent is going to be calculated based on your arrival and departure dates, so you are not required to pay a full month’s payment if you arrive or leave after the beginning of the beginning or end of the month.


     Cancellation Process


         Before Singing the Contract:

      We should mention that in case of canceling your booking prior to your arrival the down payment (deposit)          is not refundable.


         After signing the contract

      The contract can only be terminated by the Resident if he/she can transfer his/her lease to another tenant with the approval of the landlord, the rent payment for the agreed duration shall not stop during the time of the leasing transfer.


       General Regulations: The Resident agrees on the following:

  1. To comply with the building and flat regulations specifically announced in your flat.

  2. Not to make loud noises or disturbances or play music or broadcast programs not to disturb other residents’ peace and quiet at any time.

  3. Not to paint, or physically alter, any part of the House without the written permission of the landlord.

  4. Not to drill any holes or to apply any adhesives, paint, or other substances to the woodwork anywhere in the House (i.e.: doors, window trim, door trim). Posters and pictures shall not be hung on the plaster walls damaging them.

  5. To avoid putting any harm or damage to the House, furniture and its belongings.

  6. Keep the common areas organized without personal belongings. 

  7. To accept mandatory cleaning services by the landlord at his/her cost in case of poor maintenance of the House.

  8. To strive to develop mutual cooperation with the other residents and accept the landlord as the only authority, should any conflict could not be resolved among the residents.

  9. Not to throw paper or any other waste after the usage of toilets.

  10. Not to use or consume the property of other residents without their consent.

  11. Resident can bring their friends anytime they want to stay in their room, to notify the landlord, and receive its permission for any gathering/party including more than four (4) guests, and for any guests staying over for more than 2 nights.

  12. Resident can also invite their abroad friends or family members (Not more than two at the same time), to stay/sleep over in their room up to 10 days per semester period. If the guest stays for a duration, which exceeds 10 days, the resident shall pay 40 TL per night per person.

  13. Resident can use Air conditions with a fee of 100 TL per month. 

  14. Resident agrees not to cause or allow any big noise or activity on the premises, which might disturb the peace and quiet of another resident and/or neighbor. Said noise and/or activity shall be a breach of this agreement.

  15. Parties and large meetings shall be held in Taksim Turna Building and Taksim Roncalli Building  until 10.45 pm, resident can organize large meetings in one of the buildings’ garden and the kitchens for pre-drinks and diners as long as the resident leave it clean for both gardens and kitchens .

  16. House chores will be organized by your responsible flat mate scheduled equally for the flats and the buildings.

  17. Check in is between 2 pm and 9 pm. And check out is before 12 pm.


     Security Interventions:

  1. Doors opening: 25 EUR.- (between 9.00-20.00) / 50 EUR,- (between 20.00-9.00) 

  2. Loss of keys: There is a 10 EUR Key fee and it is refundable when you give the keys back.

  3. Cleaning Services: cleaning of the common areas by the landlord staff (held mandatory): 10 EUR monthly.

  4. Deposit is refundable in case the tenant will leave the room in the same condition as it is delivered to them.