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Why Us

Family away from home

Check&Chill provides Erasmus and Exchange students accommodations and rental rooms in Istanbul. More than 90 people staying at Check&Chill. In İstanbul, you will be a part of the one and only family consisting more than 15 nationalities within a friendly and a caring environment. You will find a budget-friendly accommodation in your new city. There is no agency fee or extra charges so what are you waiting for its time to join the check&chill family.



          Check&Chill offers you a comfortable and a exciting experience for your new semester in İstanbul. Check&Chill network of flats and building are located in four different districts, which will make it easier for you to reach your academic facilities such as universities and language schools. Moreover, the neighborhoods are famous for being safe, vibrant and rich for having different places for a variety of social activities and nightlife.



In every flat and building, you will have a Turkish Native Speaker who has the wide international background and is responsible for organizing house chores as well as events. In case of any problems and emergencies inside or outside of your houses, your responsible flatmate is always there to help you! Every flat and building has the cleaning lady.


In short, this may not be your first time in Istanbul but Check&Chill is eager to make it your best :)



So what more can you ask for?


          In fact, Check&Chill offers even more, by staying in one of the flats or buildings you will be able to enjoy different additional facilities such as:



  Parties and activates:

      Free entrance to some of Check&Chill sponsored clubs, organizing different events such as football and paintball tournaments, movie nights and sightseeing, road trips and you will enjoy the benefits of having discount tickets for big events in Istanbul such as Erasmus boat parties and many more…



      Being a member of Check&Chill will not only let you explore Istanbul but also the entire country. By organizing trips to different parts and destinations in Turkey such as Cappadocia, Antalya, Ephesus, Antalya, etc, for discounted prices only available for Check&Chill members with their own transporatation.

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