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Enrich Your Memories
Enrich Your Memories

... residential neighbourhood and on a walking distance to the main center of the city (Taksim), although the little shops in Osmanbey were actually my favorites ...

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June 12, 2017

As an Erasmus Student finding a good place seems hard in İstanbul. You may have no idea where your school is and how to reach there? Thereby you may not feel secure!


There we order to give you some tips about your next journey!


Between 39 districts we can count some of them as recommended from many kinds of research. Here is the top 4; Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Beyoğlu, Şişli.. When they mention Beyoğlu, we mostly think about Taksim. So let’s start talking about Taksim;

     " Taksim is the cultural center of the city, there are a lot of places to check and chill! "


However, you need to know where are the more safest area for you! Harbiye, Elmadağ, Gümüşsuyu and Cihangir are nice locations that you should be considering while choosing your room instead of Tarlabaşı and Dolapdere which all are around Taksim area.


What about transportation systems?

The biggest advantage of Elmadağ, Harbiye, Gümüşssuyu is that they are really close to the metro and main bus stations.  Cihangir is far from transportation systems compare with the others. On the other hand, Cihanger is kind of famous neighborhood, which has a positive reputation, yet the room prices are quite expensive for Erasmus Exchange students. Thus, we highly suggest considering Elmadağ, Harbiye or Gümüşsuyu.

What about Şişli area?

Fulya, Mecidiyeköy, Osmanbey are places that most Erasmus students prefer. Osmanbey is an attractive and safe place to live and by being close to taksim, it is the first choice of many foreign people. From Osmanbey metro station

    “In 2 minutes time, you can travel to taksim and Mecidiyeköy metro stations.”

You can also easily reach Beşiktaş by bus. Osmanbey is close to the heart of fashion, which is Nişantaşı.

Being an Erasmus student in a lovely city “ Istanbul” You need to know where is the center of transportation of city?!

 “ Mecidiyeköy! ”

The neighborhoods Mecidiyeköy and Fulya are close to each other. Both are well known for being a central transportation hub, thereby offering you a lot of options to travel anywhere in Istanbul. Besides that, the big shopping mall “Cevahir” is situated nearby Mecidiyeköy and Fulya which, both have a high level of safety for international students.

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