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After being a little bit nervous for going to Istanbul all by myself, I felt home in the Osmanbey flat from the very beginning. I stayed in a spacious room with a private balcony, with a great view over the neighbourhoods of Istanbul. The flat was neat and clean, and provided with all the facilities you need during an exchange. The flat was located in a quiet, residential neighbourhood and on a walking distance to the main center of the city (Taksim), although the little shops in Osmanbey were actually my favorites . I became good friends with other people in the flat, which made my stay very enjoyable. I would recommend this flat to everyone!


I can definitely recommend staying at one of the ChecknChill buildings/apartments during your time in Istanbul. The flat where I stayed was located at Osmanbey. This flat is perfectly located in the city. It’s really central and close to subway/public transportation, something which actually applies for all their buildings and apartments. The rooms are fully furnished, tidy, clean and comfortable. I couldn’t have wished for any better hosts than Bahadir and Akin. They are both very friendly, reliable, always helpful and they really put effort in making everybody feel at home and comfortable. They know how to be responsible and professional in their roles as landlords, while at the same time being as a friend to you with who you can hang out and party with. Big thumb up for that! They told me upfront that they bring all Erasmus students together like one big family. After a 5 months stay at ChecknChill, I can assure you that this story is real. It’s what I experienced myself, and it made my stay at Istanbul more than perfect. Thanks for everything guys!

Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic

Baha is a great guy! I met him in Spain and we have become friends since then! Last spring I was in Turkey as a Erasmus student and he hosted me and my friends in Istanbul quite often. He showed us city centre - monuments and also not common turistic places. I have been enjoying his company a lot. He is helpful and pleasant! I highly recomend to stay with him in Istanbul cause it will be amazing time for sure!

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Baha is very welcoming, nice, friendly and helpful. He made me feel very comfortable since my arrival. He had exams at that times, but he still took the time to talk/party/share meals with me and the other guys who were living with him. I really enjoy my trip thanks to him and his wonderful flatmates. I recommend him to those you want to have good memories of Turkey :)

Freienstein-Teufen, Zurich, Switzerland

First surfer, yay! 
I felt so comfortable at baha and his flatmates place that i caught myself singing and cooking as naturally as id only do it at my own home. Good talks and a nice night out with you guys. Thanks for everything! 
And baha, don't forget to sleep! Love, mum

Lörrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Bahadir is the best guy in Istanbul. I had an awesome time with him and his friends. He is helpful and a really laid back guy you can be lucky to meet while in Istanbul. I stayed with him for my Erasmus. As he hosts a lot of people he might is a little busy sometimes but his Turkish hospitality makes up for everything and he is one of the rare people not trying to rip you off but helps you to avoid being ripped of even if you decide not to stay with him as long as I did ;) 
Cheers Baha for the great time and see you soon


My stay in papa ron calli could be described as one of the best outcomes for my time in Istanbul. Due to the big building and the 27 students that live here there was always someone to eat with or go out. From day 1 we got a very warm welkome and all the help we needed settling down. Drinking beers in the garden was a weekly thing and we ate togheter a lot. This building is a great way to make new friends to explore the city with.

Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic

I stayed at Bahadir´s place when I was my first time in Istanbul. He was great host and even great guide in Istanbul! We had amazing time together and he took care of me and my friends very, very good, showed us Istanbul nightlife, good pubs and clubs and being at his apartment was almost like being at home. I can just clearly recommend him as host, surf, flatmate or roommate:)


I can't even describe how much I feel blessed of meeting bahadir, one of the kindest and the simplest person i have ever known, each time I leave for turkey, I know that I have a friend, a true friend, and home. i really feel thankful for all the time you have been there for me. glad having you in my life :D


As an Erasmus student, I'm staying in Baha's residence for two months now and I felt like home just after one week. The location is the best one for students' life in Istanbul. The rooms are fully furnished and Baha is easily joinable and flexible to help in case of. There is no better choice than living in such a building to meet lots of foreign people and do lots of activities together. I can only recommend it !

Martijn Duijm


Baha’s Building’ The moment I arrived it felt that I was going to have one hell of a semester. People from all over the globe, that all went to Istanbul for one reason: studying… It was so nice to have this many people to study and exchange knowledge with. We had a lot of fieldtrips to businesses that sell alcoholic beverages. Baha took us to the nicest places during day and night. Every once a week, a big group study session was organized in one of Baha’s buildings that has a huge garden. I know it sounds weird but it all ended up grilling and drinking loads of beer. The good thing about living in this building with 25 people means that there is always someone to hang out with. Never a dull moment in papa roncalli.


Staying in one of Baha's buildings is recommended. Not because of the comfy rooms, kitchens and bathrooms on each floor in the building where I stayed, but because Baha makes an effort in welcoming you to his city. He and his brother are fun guys to hang out with, and they regularly organise parties and barbecues between the different building groups, after which we have a blast in the dance clubs. The one thing I really enjoyed in staying at one of his places, was being surrounded by Erasmus students from various countries. I was never alone if I didn't want to be, and never bored. It was an awesome adventure. Let's hope there will be a reunion sometime!

Olomouc, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic

Thank for everething! We spent three nights at Baha´s place and it was just great - place was really nice but the most importatn and the best was the help he gave us - information about transportation, where to go, what to visit, every evening we went somewhere out together, we met people and visitid places we wouldn´t met and visited without knowing Baha. I really appretiate his kindness, sence of humor and openess, great person for hosting, surfing, traveling.. whatever :)


During my Erasmus in Turkey I lived in a Erasmus flat in Mecidiyekoy. It was really nice ,cause I could live with 5other nations together and getting know their culture and country better.But it was much more than just getting the culture better.We were real friends and we hanged out a lot.We had a lot of parties and also other programs (cooking, city tours,movies,going together to the market ...) I had also one roommate.I had the closest -best relationship from the flat with here.We did specially a lot together.She also tried to make my English better
Of course I had also friends from the university ,but I was so nice to get know also other people from other university and know a lot of people so I can really say,that I had a lot of friends in Istanbul.I was never bored ,even we were home we did something together.
Bahadir also organised big party's ,where the people could meet from other flats .Usually we were in Taksim.It was really awesome.During one of this parties I could meet for Example one other Hungarian,who also came from the same small city We just needed Baha to meet each other
I can just recommend to live in this kind of Erasmus flat,cause will be your Erasmus the best! U can meet really a lot of people, experience how is to live with 5-6or even more nations.I am happy ,that I choosed this type of living and wish to go there again!


I lived in a one of Baha's places for 5 months, nice place near to Cevahir Mall. I had a great time there :) Baha and his brother are very cool and outgoing guys


Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities that I ever visit in my life with a generous hospitality and amazing people.. Staying in an erasmu building is the best experience of knowing people, but satying in this building its more than knowing people.. You become a family and you deeply fell their joy and pain.. U will feel comfortable on your little big room coz you will never feel alone.. The apartment is very nice and the owner is one of the most friendly and happy Turkish person I've ever met.. He is helpful in any need or request of u, and he always tries to make u happy. I will defenitely come back this year in this building...

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